Ted Byer

Our clients have very complex financial needs and we make it our mission to meet their expectations every step of the way. There is room for creativity in our service approach and we combine this with a level of response that is unparalleled in our space.

The New Client

For some time now, we have seen an increase in the need for services beyond that which are generally provided by the average accountant. The financial complexity of the modern professional has become a dynamic, almost fluid thing that requires special attention and a whole new approach. We believe that in order to fulfill the resulting needs of our clients that we must think like they do, and provide both a level of service and a level of response commensurate to the pace of their modern business. Not everyone sits in an office anymore, so we too must remain nimble to keep pace.

The New Professional

We draw on the expertise of dedicated professionals, each uniquely suited to handle the diverse group of clients that we support.  Our constant must always be our level of support, and the direct access to our resources that our clients enjoy. Everyone who is a part of Premier Lifestyle Services is enabled to support our clients directly, and to support their own personal growth and knowledge of the services being delivered. One thing is for sure; our clients will always deal with consummate professionals who know their respective craft.

Unparalledled service, at your pace.