You’re not just a client, you’re a friend.

You can count on us.

Premier Lifestyle Services clients have direct access to our staff at all times. We offer an exceptional concierge service, without the stuffed shirt approach. Whatever it is that you need taken care of, we are the team to get it done. We cover the basics, like filing your taxes, but we also take it to the next level. You need a new cell phone but you can’t stand the hassle of dealing with the salespeople? Give us a call. Need some emergency financial assistance to surprise a loved one on Thanksgiving Day? We’re there for you then, too.

Meet Ted Byer.

Ted Byer is what makes Premier Lifestyle Services so special. As a member of the Premier Lifestyle Services family, you can reach Ted whenever you need him. With an extensive background in counseling high-net worth individuals with sometimes complicated needs, Ted is equipped to handle any situation you can think of, and especially those you can’t.